Saturday, May 31, 2014

Monday Morning Bus- departs 9:15 am from Yosemite Lodge

One departure only!!! It will return from the chapel to the lodge after the ceremony. If you are coming from outside the valley, it is probably best to try and park at the lodge so you don't have to try and move your car after the wedding. Alternately, you could try to park in the guest parking, walk to the chapel, and take the bus or walk to the lodge.

There's always the Valley shuttle; be sure to allow enough time.

It's about a fifteen minute walk between the two venues via Northside drive. It's a little less than a mile.

Detailed instructions: From the lodge, exit East towards the falls and cross Northside drive. Turn right and take the foot path east along the road. Just as you reach the shuttle stop for the falls, there is a street crossing leading to a paved footpath that will lead you across the meadow, a bridge (four steps) and then drop you across Southside drive from the chapel.

Be sure to be on time so you can meet the Dangles!

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