Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Where’s Dangles?

First Posted 9 December 2011.

November 24, 2011 was a terrible, sad day for us. We took Dangles on a day trip to Toledo from Madrid. I had perched him upon a post of the medieval Puente de San Martin and taken a picture when I became distracted by a request to take another picture. Instead of taking him down immediately, I took several pictures over a few minutes, and in this time I forgot about him.
We did not notice that Dangles had been left behind until about 30 minutes later, across town at the Alcazar. We immediately hopped into a cab and returned to the bridge... but he was gone. This is the last photo that we have of him:

Dangles was an important part of our lives for the last several years. We rescued him from the back seat of a car in which he had been neglected for several years, which faded his pelt noticeably. He joined our lives as a happy doll who could always be relied upon for a cheerful smile. He began to join us upon our trips around the US and across the world. Dangles has been to London, Paris, Zurich (twice!), Basel, Milan (twice!), Bergamo, Bellagio, Venice, Florence, Rome, Tokyo, Lisbon, Barcelona and Toledo, as well as many US cities. Unfortunately he didn’t get to see Madrid with us. He joined us for many happy times and served always as a reminder of those times.
Dangles, we are so sorry to have lost you and feel awful about our neglect. We love you and miss you and hope that you have found a good home.
If you or someone you know happen to have found Dangles on the Puente de San Martin in Toledo, Spain, between about 3 and 4 PM on 24 November 2011, I hope you will take good care of him and love him as much as we have. If you are willing to return him to us, we would be eternally grateful. If your child has him and is willing to part with him, we can certainly arrange for a suitable, similar replacement to “our” Dangles. To arrange a return, please contact us at
Peace be with you Dangles,
Dangles’ Friends

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